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Digital India Internship Scheme 2022, Eligibility

The Digital India internship scheme is an excellent and wonderful opportunity for those who want to make changes in their country. This program has helped the Indian government progress rapidly toward a cashless society, as well as digitalization throughout the last years under PM Modis vision of “Digital detoxification”. There are many steps already taken which creates opportunities among other things such as engineering students can take up practical research instead of just theory classes that teach them how things work outside the classroom.

History of Digital India Internship Scheme (Info & More)

The dream of India becoming ‘Digital’ has been a long-standing goal, and now thanks to the Digital India Internship Scheme 2022 we can help you make your mark on this ever-growing field! The Ministry Of Central Electronics And Information Technology announced its new internship program on 10th May 2018. 

This will provide students with an opportunity for research experience as well as help them develop professional skills like teamwork & communication while they’re still at school. This is perfect because it gives those who might not have otherwise had access or chance a golden chance that could lead all sorts of places down exciting paths so take advantage before it’s gone.

Benefits of the Scheme

The Digital India Internship Scheme will offer students an opportunity to get hands-on experience in the field of digital governance. The project is run by the government, and every intern gets a 10k monthly scholarship for participation! It’s open only for two months but may last up until 3rd session.  If you’re interested then apply now before it’s too late; there are only 25 spots available each year.

The Digital India Internship Scheme offers a chance to participate in government-run internships that can lead to full-time employment. This program has two sessions, one during summer and another in winter where you will be assigned work with your mentor from the department of IT or telecoms depending on what area of specialization interests you most at this time! You are also offered opportunities for further learning through certificates given after completion/failure rates based on performance indicators such as report writing skills & more.

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Digital India Internship Scheme 2022

Name 0f the Scheme Digital India Internship Scheme
Launched By Central Government Of India
Beneficiary Monthly scholarship for participation
Objective That can lead to full-time employment
Official Website
Year 2022

Documents Required

The following documents are required for application:

  • Mobile number
  • Age proof
  • Passport size photograph
  • Aadhar card
  • Marksheet
  • Email ID
  • Ration card

Scheme Eligibility

To be eligible for the Digital India internship program, you must meet all of these criteria- 

  • Your degree or certificate exam results should not less than 60% and latest one will apply
  • Academic background is also important so we check this overall before giving preference to any candidates who have been consistent throughout their studies in progress
  • Course related conditions – currently only BTech/ BE Students can take part but it depends on courses offered by university at what level they’re studying 

The Digital India internship scheme is a great opportunity for students to gain work experience in the technology field. If you are interested in working in the tech industry, this is a great way to get started. The program offers a variety of opportunities to learn about different aspects of the tech world. You can apply now and start your journey towards a career in technology.

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