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The Indian Air Force chief has flagged cyber and space domains as “new battlefields”, saying “coercion is the new strategy.”

During the Indian Air Force inaugural Warfare & Aerospace Strategy Program, he warned that “we must keep in mind the basic purpose of warfighting.” According to Air Chief Marshal V.R., the border standoff in Ladakh has lasted more than two years, and the confrontation with Ukraine is still ongoing. The cyber, information, and space realms, according to Chaudhari’s words on Friday, are the new front lines in the struggle against coercion.

In terms of new forms of international relations, the Indian Air Force (IAF) chief noted that “diplomacy and economy are becoming the major instruments for engagement with the military instrument deployed as a deterrent.”

Indian Air Force Chief Marshal (ACM) Chaudhari delivered a speech at the IAF’s first Warfare Strategy Program conference in New Delhi recently. He also discussed how the global system was changing and what it may look like in the future, emphasizing the rise of “complex multipolarity.”

According to the air chief, the multipolar globe has generated a society that has little regard for traditional geopolitical dynamics or conventions. As a result, if we do not want to fall behind, we must reassess and concentrate our efforts.

IAF’s Agnipath recruitment scheme

The WASP, according to Chaudhari, was created to enhance strategic thinking and understanding among officers. The main goal of this course is to promote reading, analysis, and the ability to write well-written texts.

Focus on training officers on “how to think,” not “what to think.”

The training, according to the Chief of Air Staff, aims to reorganize IAF officers’ critical thinking, improve their intellectual capital, and teach them “how to think” rather than “what to do” (CAS).

This course included international politics, military, air power theory, and strategy. According to Chaudhari, the fundamental purpose of the program was to “contextualize these principles to fulfill our expectations in the 21st-century paradigm.”

He stated that the long-term goals were to “nurture medium-level officers to develop experience and assist in the formation of successful operational plans for the IAF.”

Warfighting” is the primary objective.

Despite the importance of understanding the science, concepts, and philosophies that drive fighting, Chaudhari believes that the ultimate objective of a military strategist should always be to win the battle.

According to the IAF chief, operational-level strategic thinking and strategy should be the primary focus. The IAF intended to incorporate the lessons learned from the WASP school into how it was designed and administered. He claimed that officers who matched the WASP standards were being considered for important ministry positions such as operational commands, think tank postings, executive positions at training facilities, and spokesperson duties.

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