Sri Lanka Implements Fuel Rationing Scheme

Sri Lanka Implements Fuel Rationing Scheme Amid Economic Crisis

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Sri Lanka Implements Fuel Rationing Scheme To Counter Economic Crisis

In an attempt to ease the cost of living, Sri Lanka has announced a new fuel rationing scheme. The country is in the middle of an economic crisis, with prices for essential items like food and fuel soaring. Under the new plan, each family will be given a set amount of petrol per month that they can use at their discretion. While this may help to some extent, many people are still struggling to make ends meet.

Politics, Scheme & More

As the economic crisis in Sri Lanka continues, the country’s Minister of Power & Energy Kanchana Wijesekera has revealed an interesting solution to the problem of limited fuel availability. Starting Monday, consumers will be able to get tokens from fuel stations which they can use to fill up their petrol & diesel tank. 


This system will help to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the limited resources. It is a novel idea, and one that could potentially help to ease the burden on the Sri Lankan people during this difficult time.

What’s the Situation?

The sudden announcement of a price hike in fuel has Sri Lankans scrambling to fill up their tanks before the prices go into effect. The CPC (Ceylon Petroleum Corporation) & Lanka IOC gas on Sunday announced that the price of petrol would increase by Rs 50 for 92 Octane and Rs 100 for 95 Octane. 


In addition, auto diesel will increase by Rs 60 per litre and Super Diesel by Rs 75. For many Sri Lankans, this fourth fuel price increase in as many months is a hard pill to swallow. 


With the cost of living already on the rise, the added burden of higher fuel prices will be felt by families across the country. The minister responsible for the increase said that the move was necessary in order to ease the strain on Sri Lanka’s finances. He also said that the government is working on a long-term plan to reduce its dependence on imported fuel, but in the meantime, motorists will have to brace for higher prices at the pump.

New Scheme New Beginnings

The Sri Lankan government has announced a new fuel quota system that will go into effect next month. Under the new system, each registered vehicle will be assigned a quota of fuel on a weekly basis. The quota will be based on the last digit of the vehicle’s registration number, with tourists and foreigners being given priority. To receive their allotted fuel, drivers will need to present a QR code, which will be linked to their National Identity Card number. The government is hopeful that the new system will help to alleviate some of the country’s chronic fuel shortages.

Last Say

Sri Lanka has announced a new fuel rationing scheme in an attempt to ease the country’s ongoing economic crisis. The government says that this is a temporary measure and that it will continue to work on finding a long-term solution to the problem.


 While the specifics of how the rationing system will work are still quite unclear, everyone is likely to be limited to buying a certain amount of petrol or diesel each month. This latest development comes as Sri Lanka faces increasing pressure from international lenders to address its mounting debt burden.

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